Why does DevBest endorse racism? [Serious Answers Only]


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Nov 25, 2011
We don't endorse actual racism, as that is illegal. However dark jokes should be able to be made, and not every point of view is actual racism.


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Jul 20, 2013
Firstly, idk how they're being racist to muslims if Islam is a religion.
Secondly, usually when muslims are brought up in SB it's either a serious debate, trolly conversation or justified context.
Nobody is just saying "muzzies have an IQ equivalent to a soup can" daily just for the hell of it. (unless they are @Khalil LUL, )

And, i can guarantee this "racism" you experienced wasn't hostile, just offensive to your bias. If you ever feel like it's only muslims that are being unfairly slandered, take a look at the threads below.

Surely, if you said "white people can't cook for shit" "white people seasoning is equivalent to plain white bread" it would be on the same level as "muzzies have an IQ equivalent to a soup can", so what is unfair?
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Dec 6, 2011
> racist towards Muslims
I sure do hope you mean to say he was being racist towards those who subscribe to Islam and belong to an actual race, and not an ideology; because that would be retarded on your end.

Honestly, if you're bothered by someone being "racist" (either for real or for jokes), you have a couple of options ranging from growing a thicker skin to permanently getting off the internet.



Feb 16, 2014
You’re not old enough to be on DevBest if you think racism is endorsed here. There’s a difference between a joke and spamming. Like @HDN said, most people are mature enough to ignore. You’re probably not.

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