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Apr 7, 2014

Introduction to Visual Roleplay

Some of you may already be aware of Visual Roleplay, and some may not. Visual Roleplay is basically a server that strives to be the best and provide the best for it's players. We've a dedicated staff that wishes to serve your every need. We're currently based in Red County and have many factions that are operating within it. During this advertisement, you will notice all of the factions - as well as gain the server address and the forum address! So, stay tuned!


We currently offer many unique features for the server, not limited to, but including; Health/Hunger system - Dynamic Factions, Entrances, Houses, Business, ATMs, and more! And, we are constantly renovating the script to make it more appealing and unique so that our users and our selves can enjoy it! We promise you won't be disappointed on the sight of our script!


We are currently running three factions, but have a total of five factions in the server. We have the two main factions which are known as the 'Red County Sheriff's Office', and the 'Red County Fire Department'. Then, you have semi-main factions such as Red County News Network, Red County Government, and San Andreas Department of Corrections. Now, at this time - only the RCSO, RCFD, and RCNN are currently open and recruiting! RCFD and RCNN are recruiting a faction leader, but the RCSO already has the spot taken.

The Team

As I said above, our team is highly dedicated and ready to serve you, we currently consist of a Developer, Trial Administrator, Senior Administrator, and the Community Owners. Until we reach a higher playerbase we will not be recruiting any more members of our staff/moderation team! But, on the other hand - we are recruiting a Lead Helper and Helpers for the Helper Team! So, if that is your thing - you have that!

Our Details

Now, this is the last part of the advertisement - which is our details. We currently host a Teamspeak 3 server, our forums, and our game server! You can find the IP address of the Teamspeak 3 server on the forums and you will be able to find the forums and game server addresses below:

Game Server:​
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What makes your community unique?

It's litterally 1 paragraph followed by a IP.

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