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US 122 - Australians Welcome! - DayZ Mod Vanilla - Day/Night Cycle - Full Moon Nights

Discussion in 'Server Advertisements' started by Quackster, Jan 22, 2016.

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    US 122


    US 122 is a DayZ mod vanilla server running the Arma 2 mod, there is nothing on this server that will change the vanilla experience.

    I set this server up for the Australians (and of course Americans) who can play this server while still playing in daytime, as every server (by the evening in Australia) is night-time, especially the more populated DayZ vanilla mod servers.

    The server is running on a dedicated server running Windows Server 2008 in Kansas, this server has not been rented from game server provider and it is not a virtual private server. This is hosted in a physical location inside a datacenter.

    I will keep running this server running for the foreseeable future. I can afford to keep this server running so it's no problem to help contribute to the vanilla mod community to provide the vanilla experience for players.

    Dedicated Server Specifications

    Dual Intel Xeon 5150 (4 cores)
    8 GB RAM
    500 GB HDD
    1 Gbps uplink
    DDoS protected
    Windows Server 2008

    • Completely vanilla
    • +9 UTC time, so it's daytime in the evening for Americans and daytime the whole day for the Australians who wish to play.
    • Spawn location selection
    • Full day/night cycle
    • Full moon nights (otherwise you can't see a thing)
    • Side/global chat to talk to your fellow survivors
    • Third person
    • Crosshairs enabled (but no rangefinding)
    • Vehicles are spawning
    • Vehicles are also respawning (this has been tested thoroughly)
    • NO admin abuse
    • ALL ADMINS don't have special powers over other players

    The server restarts every 4 hours with multiple warnings.
    If you like the server, invite your friends and most of all, make sure you have fun. :)

    Why is it called US 122?

    The reason why it's called US 122 is to follow the typical naming convention of a DayZ mod vanilla server (country code + server id).

    I chose 122 because I'm a Fallout fan and the number is significant because there was only 122 commissioned Vault-Tec vaults built. :)




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