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Jan 11, 2014
You have reached one of the most ground-breaking and realistic role-playing servers in SA-MP!

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Welcome to Lawedan Roleplay, one of the most realistic and immersive servers, with the best administrative staff. And we’re not lying! It has been under heavy development since 2012: coded by Diego and Mauricio Villalobos (and the third party scripter Christian Larraburre), and we're proud to say it's one of the most extensive and detailed gamemodes you will ever find amongst the roleplaying servers in SA-MP. We will now show you some of our most prolific features:

This is a very revolutionary ideology we have developed in SA-MP based on the old role of GMs in MUD role-play enforced telnet servers. Basically, the GMs are administrators that have the ability to do several actions, like for example: take a puppet. A puppet is an NPC that can be “posessed” by GMs and therefore role-played with. For example, a GM can take the puppet of Lawedan President (actually) William Taylor, or he can also take the role of a town police officer, or even that of a homeless person. You will find that most of these systems make role-play barely avoidable and anyone seeking for role-play will find it at an eyeblink. Come in-game and prove it yourself!


What is Interlinks? Our very own internet service. Every faction, if considered powerful, will have a website on . But, low-level factions can do that too! You can even créate a personal website. This system allows us to have a daily update of –what- happens in Lawedan, it allows us to have detailed information and, of course, to have a very interesting website to visit where all the Lawedan culture is available (did we mention we even have a deep web?).


The item system is a dynamic player-interactive system (player to world, world to player, player to player), each item has a "type" with a different functionality: there are over 100 item types such as Flashlight, Bandages, Snacks, Watch and many other. These items can be given to other players, dropped in the floor, placed in containers (Boxes, Suitcases, Vehicle Trunk, your Inventory, etc) and combined to create new items.


An injury can be caused by a bullet wound or by natural causes (like falling) and they affect each body parts. They can be usually found in one of three states: sane, injured and the critical being the most critical one, since it's the only one that makes you lose health since you bleed.
Any body part in critical state can be treated with Bandages to stay in the Injured State and stop bleeding. Any body part in injured state can be treated with a First Aid Kit to stay in the healthy state. These items can be only obtained by medics.
If you get, for example, an injured leg, you won’t be able to run. If you get an injured arm, you won’t be able to shoot correctly. This really adds some value to role-play.


We have a top-notch forensic system where, whatever you do, will leave a trail. For instance, if you shoot someone, he will start bleending, a casket will be dropped and several other effects. With a forensic kit, any investigator can define the DNA of the individiual (NOTE that the DNA is not the name, they have to first find the DNA on the floor and THEN take a blood sample FROM the criminal to therefore find matching DNAs). This adds some realism to the server, as complex investigations are usually going on.
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Do not wait any longer. You are about to enter a server who’s script has been under development for 4 years, with an active community and ground-breaking realistic and immersive features. We have a complex storyline, a custom Internet system and GMs that fill-in several roles, making the server as full as possible, with complex plots going, and several social activities happening almost all the day. Our staff is as mature as posible with a communication over punishment ideology.

Don’t doubt it, join us!


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Oct 11, 2012
Looks like one of the better servers I've seen advertised on here. Sadly i no longer play SAMP. Good luck though.


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Jan 11, 2014
Looks like one of the better servers I've seen advertised on here. Sadly i no longer play SAMP. Good luck though.
Glad you like it nonetheless.

UCP is up and running, as are Donations.

We've even added a google maps overlay that shows the last coordinates where your character logged out at.


Oct 7, 2013
Well Mr. Tails, It's shit server for me? Why?

Explain this:

Nice admins, They are working hard to ban hackers and rule breakers
P.S: It is joke lol


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Jan 11, 2014
I'd file a ban appeal instead of raging that the admins are shit and thus the server is shit.

I'm obviously not aware of the circumstances of why every ban is filed.

edit :

Looks like you where banned because your quality of roleplay does not match the servers. We enforce heavy roleplay.

That and your english is terrible to the point I wouldove never accepted your application. It's nothing against you personally, but the heavy roleplay is enforced by kicking out those who can't maintain it.
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