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thehabbos Staff?

Discussion in 'Ideas & Suggestions' started by Lepos, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Lepos

    Lepos You are irrelevant

    He got confused with what Clit said.

    Clit said I don't know the rules of thehabbos, insinuating that when I post report threads it's all wrong :up: Which of course he's incorrect as I post it based on the actual rules and what people like seldmore and yourself say.
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  2. CPTCunt

    CPTCunt Well-Known Member

    Thehabbos rules are really unclear even after my 2 years of hanging around Thehabbos and supporting it I'm still unclear on it, however a small team of staff (Moderators) would be nice for theHabbos to have it gets more people involved but on Rasta's note theres a simple button and he reads and removes really so we can't argue with that.
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  3. Muscab

    Muscab Member

    I don't think it needs moderation, Josh usually takes care of the ones cheating / sharing spots, other then that? its just kids moaning about who over took who.
  4. Lepos

    Lepos You are irrelevant

    When he does take care of them it takes a hell of a long time, by the time he's checked they've stopped ;/
  5. Kayte

    Kayte Living La Dolce Vita.

    I like this idea.
    + Yeah, Josh can resolve it. But he may as well have a team to resolve it for him so he doesn't have to interrupt his gay porn section to deal with reports from others. And if you're going to think like that, why does he have a staff team on DevBest? "To resolve things around the forum". Well, why not for TheHabbos? The same can pretty much happen on there.

    PLZZ consider this.
    o/ - Hands up for this idea. Ok.

  6. EthaanRaadley

    EthaanRaadley EthaanRaadley.NET

    This idea is great, although Dwight is too buzy playing minecraft.
  7. zMagenta

    zMagenta Posting Freak

    In addition to my comment on the first page, I'd like if we could have something like this; TheHabbos will have some moderators (Invisible to the users). These cannot be owners of a hotel and can have the permission to suspend an account for a legitimate reason.

    Higher up ranks (Super Moderators) can have the permissions to delete accounts. My idea of this is to take some from DevBest etc, so we know they can be trusted with such a rank.

    Anyone agree with me?
  8. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer Staff Member FindRetros Moderator

    Closed & Cleaned. - [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] would of agreed to this by now if he was interested, we all know he isn't 100% focused on Habbo anymore, not even 25%, it's only still alive due to high demand. - Just let it run how it does. - If anything serious happens, it'll get dealt with.

    If Josh want's to reply, then go a head. :p - But until then, everyone has said more than enough, let's play the waiting game? :p
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