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Aug 2, 2015
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I would like to give the opportunity to you users for a chance at a multiple positions for my upcoming hotel, HABBIX! Now considering I have been working on this retro for the last couple of months in every aspect, I have really been trying to organize and possibly make this the next best retro! So please if interested in any of the listed positions below, feel free to contact me ( contact info will be listed at the bottom ) if you think you have what it takes and think you meet the qualifications that will be described 😃



- A pretty obvious position and probably does not need a description but we do plan on keeping a strict economy and this position will be in charge with the worth of our rares and controlling our economy

  • This can be a good rank for anyone who enjoys making pixel art!
  • Will be responsible for graphic work throughout the site including news, seasonal CMS graphics, and Discord Graphics!
  • Not necessary, but if you have experience with making customs, that would definitely be a plus!
  • I major in graphic design myself, so I will also be helping with graphic work! Just need someone so not all the graphic work is depended on me so I can work on other things aswell.

  • If you have played a retro before which I am assuming you have if you are reading this article, then you know what a hotel mod is and the responsibilities of keeping the hotel safe!
  • Will also be responsible for moderating the Discord Channel aswell!

  • This is just a general rank of your basic event staff members and your radio DJ's
  • For Events, you must have knowledge with the different events being hosted, and would also be a positive with coming up with new events
  • Radio DJ's must have access to a working broadcaster and also have access to a microphone, all DJ's are required to be professional with talking, hosting radio events, and having fun!

  • Yes this is a lower position, but is still a staff position on my upcoming retro!
  • Responsible for basically building all types of Official Rooms for Habbix!
  • Aside from official rooms, will indulge in making professional event rooms for the hotel and also for the event staff, and be responsible for making rooms for other staff members whenever they are in need of a specific room.
  • If you are good with wired and design aspects of room building, then this honestly the position for you!

These are the positions I am currently looking for and probably will be the last time I post recruitment on Devbest as the near future when we are open, applications will be available through the site. If interested or have any questions you can contact me on my discord, find me on the retros discord or can also fill out one of our current hiring applications, all info will be posted below ⬇️


My Discord |

Hotel Discord |

Hiring Application |

Thanks for everyone's interest and hope to talk with you soon!

- Zero 0️⃣
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