GTA SA San Andreas Cops And Robbers [WIP]

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Oct 6, 2011
Ok im not sure if this is the exact topic i should be posting this in but im gonna give it a shot.
I have seen alot of Crappy Cops and Robbers .
Some too hard some too easy none really fun,
So i came up with a idea of a free roam cops and robbers.
So only admins will be able to make players into cops or FBI ARMY.
You will be able to choose from multiple jobs most basic is Thief.
There are 65 Properties you can purchase and earn money from scattered all across San Andreas.
You can own your own Bar, Your Own Car, Your Own House and your own gang Compound and Gang.
The Most unique thing i would say about this server is that is is like a gang wars cops and robbers.
We got a few custom scripts i wrote in it.We need more coders and mappers that have a good sense of what there doing.
So far its a two man team we have a vps but we are not ready to host it on it until it is fully playable and bug free . I have been doing most the coding .
So Were hiring 1 Admin 1 Mapper and 1 Coder.

Is to be a semi-realistic game mode based on the corrupt streets of San Andrea's . Do not trust anyone . Start you own gang and punk the government off.Buy an sell drugs to the top of the world or work your way up as a privately hired hit man and assassinate High target players such as gang leaders and kingpins.
Capture Gang Zone with your gang and fight other gangs for drug money and Turf.

How To Apply:
First you must PM on Devbest , Send me your info, Whats your expertise?Whats Your Experience?
Then i will tell you the test server IP .

Thanks for your time,


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Oct 11, 2012
Not interested in a staff position but I'll play once it's up so let me know when this is ready to play. :)

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