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May 12, 2013

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Who are we?
We are a community that has been around since 2013. Our goal is to provide the best roleplay experience for our players. That's what South Central Roleplay is here for!

SC:RP uses a completely new script that has been actively in development for . We wanted to expand beyond our limitations and create something even better! That's why we started on a new script.

We aren't going to bother listing things out like "dynamic houses, chat system, etc" because this has no benefit to the player. We'll tell you that once you come in our server, you'll like what you find.

SC:RP also makes it easier for players to find what they want.

In the old script, it was possible to carry a whole lot of items. However, that wasn't realistic at all! In the new version, items have a completely different approach.

Items have a . For instance, a pack of cigarettes would be smaller than bottle of milk. Therefore, you can carry more cigarettes than you can carry bottles of milk! Also, the amount of items you can carry depends on what you carry them in. You can purchase a , or a duffel bag, to carry more items.

The bigger a vehicle is, the more items you can store in the trunk. A van will hold more items than a car.

Why pick us?
South Central Roleplay has a very helpfull and dedicated administration team, the admin team put in a lot of effort to make the server fun and full of roleplay.

Our factions
South Central Roleplay has a variety of factions, such as the Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos Fire Department and then illegal ones, the factions offer a chance to role play what you want. If you don't want to join one of the current factions, why not create your own one?


Please note that these videos were recorded on our old script, we have a new script in the works which is 10x better than the old one.​

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