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Retro Retro Users come and go because of staff.

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by Sab, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. JPride

    JPride Active Member

    It means they're about 7 year old and Childish just childish.
  2. ryan8843

    ryan8843 Member

    Actually got hacked becuz i didn't give em staff, this was in my early hotel when i still used PhoenixPHP
  3. ano2k77

    ano2k77 Member

    It's always on the small retros with like 10-15 on because they feel they have more of a chance. As for retros like Fresh and Habboon, you wouldn't see people going up to Muscab and asking him for mod saying I have loads of mod experience would you? :p
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  4. Sab

    Sab I love milfs.

    Yeah, that's true.
  5. Shorty

    Shorty <insert title>

    Not as often as small hotels, but it does happen. I used to have a few who would pop-up via in-game console.
  6. Zent

    Zent lucidhotel.pw

    They are all beggers. User:WAAAAA! I want staff!!!!! Staff:No.
    User has quit the hotel!
  7. EngeldesTodes

    EngeldesTodes Deutsch Techno-Freak WIR SIND EIN

    same i get it when i done a v26 retro hosted it i had everyone mailing me they want staff cause they can do it well i literly shut my hotel down for that
  8. Tec

    Tec New Member

    What does age have to do with anything? Age is just a number, Maturity is a choice. There could be a really good 12 year old who is mature and who could most probably do the job better then most people.

    I think it mainly comes down to people being power hungry. Why else would you want to be staff?

    If you really wanted to be staff why wouldn't of you started your own private server instead of begging on others? Interesting...
  9. Blueoptic

    Blueoptic Time Is Money

    I know this is probably old to post on, sorry for gravedigging (however its on the main page).

    I bet it would be a mass reduce of users asking/applying for staff if there were limitations. Most people don't realize that "Event Staff/Moderator(s)" don't need access to a extra-catalogue. Obviously everyone now adays who apply for staff are only directed to newer hotels so they can get easy chance at getting "Rares".

    The whole point in having an "Event Staff" is to host competitve games/other. These users DO NOT need access to extra-catalogues. It's about earning your stripe in the game, being experienced, and creating your own event. Whats different from a normal Event and a Staff event? Nothing. If you're playing through a hotel with a good economy, a staff event wouldn't be needed. Event Staff's is a useless rank. But are for those who struggle with playing the game.
    Yes, this can be observed from another viewpoint. The only time that I personally think a "Event Staff" would be needed is releasing brand new content into the game. This user'd rank would hardly even ever be used. But even that being said, an Administrator+ would be a better representative of what comes in/out of the game.

    The whole point in having a Moderator(s) is to watch over your hotel for any disruptive behavior/violence that takes place. Eg; Glitches/bugs/eploits etc would be told to a Moderator; where than the Moderator would show responsibility by passing on information to the next authoritative staff member. That is their only job. Why would a Moderator(s) have access also to a extra-catalogue? They are users to show security, trustworthy and maturity.

    The only time that you would need a rank that has access to extra-catalogues are the Owners, Co-Owners, and Administrators. Those are the users who are and would be in charge of what goes on ingame/outside.

    If you want a strategic, professional ran hotel. You need to think of everything that has an effect to everyone.
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