PVP/ 50X/ Weekend Raid- Xbox Server


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May 7, 2024
~☆Community Server☆~Xbox~
Server Name: PVP/ 50X LOOT/ Weekend Raid
32 slot
Discord: xKRNDcQs
Come join our community!
What we offer:
*Friendly staff and helpful community.
*PvP server spawn fully kitted ready to rock. 4 seperate loadouts evenly built.
*Discord channel with Hulkbot.
*No discrimination anyone can play.
*Auto Trader.
*True 50x loot server
*Suggestions welcome.
*Boosted cars (Add water and go.)
*Regular events - PvP matches, hidden gems to loot, Longest shot, most kills. Etc.
*Weekend Raids- Friday night to Monday morning.
*Custom package options.
*Black Market Trader.
We are a community based around the ideology of creating an experience like none other we have taken a bit of gold from the past servers we have played to bring you an epic adventure and addicting gameplay that is DayZ. We strive to bring you the best experience possible. Come grow with us.

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