[PC] Corn | 2x | Monthly | Duo/Trio/Quad | No BP Wipes


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Dec 9, 2023
For those interested in joining us, you can connect with our vibrant community on Discord using this invite link: . It's a great place to meet fellow gamers, discuss strategies, and stay updated on all our activities.
In case you came for Rust you can dive right into the action on our server. Simply use the command line:
| client.connect | in your Rust console to join us for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Additionally, we have an exciting offer for all new players. If you bring a friend into our Rust server, both you and your friend will receive a free $10 VIP kit! This kit is valid for a full month from the day it's assigned. This is a token of our appreciation for helping our community grow. Please note that this offer is exclusive to you and 1 friend you invite; subsequent friends joining will not be eligible for the free kit.

In case you may be interested, check out our website and store at for more VIP Kits!

We look forward to seeing new members join and enjoy the unique experience our server offers!

About the server:
Map wipes Monthly on Forced wipes - first Thursday of each month at 2pm EST
Weather is enabled
Blueprints don't wipe
Max group size: 4. No teaming or allying.


Rust+ Raid Alarm
Free Skinbox With /skin
2x gather rates
2x scrap and components
1/2 crafting and recycling times
/kits for starter kits and base
/remove for mistakes
/sil custom paintings
Increased Workbench radius
Increased stack sizes and smelting speed
Minicopters spawn on roads
Boats spawn on shore
Recyclers and drone marketplace at fishing villages
5 minute nights and 45 minute days
Active non-playing admins

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