Recruiting Paid Developers (Habbo Retro)


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Aug 4, 2023

If you are seeking some cash on the side and have development capabilities I have am opportunity for an upcoming Habbo Retro project.

We are seeking developers who can work on editing the frontend of our CMS and for support with editing the hotel client (Nitro) - This requires both an understanding of Atom CMS and/or the Nitro client, we are looking to ramp up the CMS to fit for additional basic features but feel we require a little extra support to assist to ensure a smooth launch in the near future.

TLDR: We are looking for paid developers to edit Atom CMS and/or the Nitro Client.
We are happy to pay either per hour of work or on a fixed rate for each feature/task we require, we would prefer someone who would like to assist on a longer term basis, somebody who we can build a level of trust with.

Please contact maccuxx on Discord to discuss this opportunity further.

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