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New Theme Feedback

Discussion in 'Community Section' started by bigdawg, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. brandonj

    brandonj Member

    This theme is horrible but so was the last one. Could you enable theme switching so people can use the default XF theme?
  2. Markshall

    Markshall Русский Стандарт Contributor

    It's fucking cancerous on mobile
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  3. bigdawg

    bigdawg fight teh power Staff Member

    Care to elaborate?
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  4. Markshall

    Markshall Русский Стандарт Contributor

    Font on the home page where it displays the actual forum boards is too large
    The chatbox seems too clustered, the messages are too close together and the font seems too large for it's container
    I personally hate the header, I preferred having Account / Inbox / Alerts (on mobile) instantly accessible rather than trying to click a small picture of myself to access those areas but I guess that's change for you

    Other than that, I don't think it's actually that bad, just some sizing issues need ironing out. Guess I'm just far too used to the other theme which I loved

    ps nice logo
  5. zayms

    zayms Member

    can you try red instead of blue? use the logo with the joystick again too
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  6. HDN

    HDN PeakRP.com

    Couple of suggestions.
    A few colours need to be adjusted for links - highlight text in a post to quote for an example.
    Userbar position is a bit awkward for use, and the fact post pagnation appears there make it unusable. I know audentio has really nice configuration for these things so I'd either move the position of the userbar or at least make it sticky.
    The country flags now look a bit odd and on mobile they're 75% cut off.
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  7. Markshall

    Markshall Русский Стандарт Contributor

    I also think line-height in user posts needs increasing too. Looks bad on mobile, can't remember about desktop
  8. Wickd

    Wickd Kewl dude

    Not so much keen on the new theme but i don't mind the change.BUT let's not forget who's the majority on this forum..Don't take it personally Josh it's just business.
  9. griimnak

    griimnak You're a slave to the money then you die

    Lmao #MakeDevBestGreatAgain

    we are the ruling majority :up::mad:wowsoUSA
  10. Central

    Central Imagination is more important than knowledge.

    I don't know why people hate on this theme - Devbest have been using the Executive theme for a long time, even though it's good, but they did need a change.

    Yesterday (09/01/2017) I came back after a little time of being inactive, and saw the new updated theme and I like it, new and good.
  11. Blasteh

    Blasteh sut min pik

    Logo is on point.
  12. RobboHotel

    RobboHotel New Member

    This is the theme i join with and i like it.
  13. BIOS

    BIOS \r%20

    i love it 10/10
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  14. Carlsberg

    Carlsberg Venobo Beta will release soon

    I must say after getting a little bit adapted to the new theme, I decided to see how it looked on mobile, and I must say it looks pretty amazing.

    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

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