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New Business Logo [PROESSIONAL]

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Airz, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Airz

    Airz Member

    Hi Devbest!

    I am in the process of opening a new business in real life and due to tight funding at the moment I am hoping to find a graphics artist to design me a logo on here!

    The business is to do with healthy eating and gyms and the name is prepXperts

    I was thinking a nice simple design would be perfect maybe make the prep a black bold colour and Xperts a limey greeny colour (not overly bright) and maybe make the X into someone holding a barbell?

    Anyway I'm open to suggestions so I look forward to different ideas!

    Going forward there could be a lot of paid work available to the right person

    Many thanks
  2. DeadlyHabits

    DeadlyHabits github.com/marcus-sa

    Try [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
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  3. Paypal

    Paypal Freelance developer

    @Owen does good graphics
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  4. How's this?

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  5. Paypal

    Paypal Freelance developer

    that looks sick
  6. Owen

    Owen | gfx fam |

    not bad however, 1min job on photoshop. stroke 2/3 white, dropshadow 70%, gradient shade opacity 50%
  7. I wouldn't use all my tricks on a free job ;)
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  8. Airz

    Airz Member

    Thanks for the effort! Much appreciated.

    Still open to more ideas if anyone wants to attempt!
  9. Chapo

    Chapo Graphical Services

    Whipped this up in 10 minutes, if you want the improved copy, let me know. ( I know its not the colour scheme but will change )
  10. cain

    cain insert html

    I really like simple 2D logos, this one is good. Not too flashy, and still gives you the vibe needed.
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  11. Synt4x

    Synt4x Member

    There's no colour to it at the minute due to it just being an concept. Let me know your thoughts.

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  12. Airz

    Airz Member

    Both look great! Would love to see the colour scheme used! :)
  13. Jump

    Jump You are beautiful beyond comprehension

    Long time no see Pat!

    Give Fiverr.com a go, you'll be sure to find a logo on there for a great price. I have personally used this fella: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

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