(My FindRetros Was Unfairly Suspended)

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Dec 24, 2015
Hello, I just got online today to see my findretros was suspended for faking votes...... that's the first time in findretros history this has happened? never seen this before?

Anyways my questions are this?
So a couple of months ago, I remember making a report on a habbo retro for suspecting them of fake voting on findretros which I was told staff aren't able to check these reports because they don't have something to do so and it's not in their control? Many other people have been told the same thing over the past couple of years. Anyways this isn't my issue my issue it how I was suspended for faking voting? I've just opened my site this week and within 4 days managed to get on the first page. I've owned popular hotels in the past and I've managed to reach the first page every time like it's nothing, I have over 200 users registered within the first week. I manage to peak 10-15 users daily which isn't bad for this stage of the retro community. So I am confused about how me peaking 20-35 Votes Daily on findretros is fake voting? when the numbers show for them? and on top of that if I knew how to fake vote wouldn't I be aiming for over 50+ votes daily easily? would make common sense to me right..... anyways not sure what kinda bullshit or report was made but I am unaware why proof has not been provided of me doing such actions? and why have I not been warned if I have actually done so instead of being suspended without proof of this?

It's like somebody going on a findretros, page and fake voting for a hotel they dislike and you banning their findretros because someone else made fake votes.... Because we all know how petty retro people are... is that their fault? why are we paying for someone else's doing or found guilty of such an act? I believe this ban is unfair and would like to appeal to it.

Screenshot of Suspension:


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Nov 25, 2011
I'm getting a bit tired of you. First of all, you send staff members Discord messages. You PM me. You open a thread. We have a tool for this on FindRetros, you can use that.

UPDATE: User has been permanently banned from DevBest and FindRetros for threatening with and executing illegal activity against DevBest and users of FindRetros.
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