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Make one last V26 Habbo Retro?

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by WockoLad, Sep 17, 2015.

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  1. Examed

    Examed Я весь высший лидер из вас всех

    I take what I said back. What he/she said ^ .
  2. iJase

    iJase Member

    id love to see a v26 retro have a personal vps for home use if you wanted a FREE alternative.
  3. Examed

    Examed Я весь высший лидер из вас всех

    Lol to this thread, it appears as if he already made 1 @IgglePiggle
  4. iJase

    iJase Member

    can't access via i.e that's why asked if he wanted me to host it.
  5. Examed

    Examed Я весь высший лидер из вас всех

    Oh right sorry .
  6. iJase

    iJase Member

    no problems not here to be a noob or piss anyone off :)
  7. yhoofan

    yhoofan New Member

    Can you make a v18. Please I miss it so much.
  8. Santana

    Santana The Don.

    Versions V26 - V28 were the best, Force was one of my favourites. Would definitely pay a visit to your hotel.
  9. if only battleball could come back
  10. Examed

    Examed Я весь высший лидер из вас всех

  11. Awer

    Awer - 23K Carot Facials

    Go for it. Biggest argument on this are 'people wont interested' 'it's a waste of time' 'you're wasting money' However I seen hotels with all the newest shit as the next but still fail to gain community interest. It's your money and your time, you choose what to do with it, biggest reason 'most v26 users stopped playing' is because v26 no longer exists. Bring it back, you'll never know, it might be a success, I would definitely play.

    - Cheers.
  12. Les

    Les New Member

    , i mean, sure, if u want people like me to exploit the whole server again, LOL!i would find ur URL and ddos you, and find my way in to shut it down :), thanks!
  13. j0ker

    j0ker $client = socket_accept($sock);

    Me personally I love v26, that was Habbos flagship and what got me hooked and it's so easy to code and fully developed.
  14. Tiwi

    Tiwi The one and only!

    I loved V26, I'd certainly still play.
  15. JMG

    JMG wut wut

    I'd come online, piss around for 30 seconds and log off never to use it again.
  16. NovaHotel

    NovaHotel New Member

    I'd say yes if you can get a community within it. But nowadays it will be very hard to get an active community on old school servers like that.

    I'd sign up personally but most people don't have shockwave anymore and it's not supported with most browsers. Plus it's easy to script and hack on it.
  17. Virgin

    Virgin i am a virgin

    No point buddy, all the retro kids these days want to bum off the newer versions.
  18. Logicc

    Logicc New Member

    Any links to it?
    I just miss the old 26v Retros. The old respectful staff and the polite users.
    R63 and R63B Retros are just clones.
  19. JMG

    JMG wut wut

    Click [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] to see shockwave hotels. Click [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] to see old school hotels.
  20. Virgin

    Virgin i am a virgin

    Nothing on their and Dabbo and up...
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