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Make one last V26 Habbo Retro?

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by District, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. District

    District http://districthosts.com

    Hey, I'm just wondering.

    Should I make one last VPS hosted V26 Habbo Retro? So They're not 100% Extinct?

    I know they're obslete on Google Chrome, But they work on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc?
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  2. Resubmitted

    Resubmitted New Member

    As much as we love v26 retros, it will be a waste of money as most of the old users that used to play v26 retros have gone, and it's all full of new users who bum of R63 retros. Also, google chrome is pretty much a shit but popular browser, so if it doesn't work on that, it's a downfall. Also, are you sure it works on firefox and etc?
  3. District

    District http://districthosts.com

  4. Fail-fr

    Fail-fr Member

    I'd still play it. Was better back in them days.
  5. District

    District http://districthosts.com

    I'm going to be making it, more infomation will be available soon.
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  6. Donkey

    Donkey Professional Moderator Staff Member Contributor


    Wrong section thread closed
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    Reopened in right section. No Problem thanks. It's ok
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  7. Mastah

    Mastah the funny thing is \r\n i did

    I don't see why you would make an v26 Habbo retro, nobody's really interested in that anymore uless you're writing your own emulator with features that make people want to come, but other than that no. V26 is old and it won't be interesting anymore thus a waste of actual time.
  8. District

    District http://districthosts.com

    Some people love oldschool.
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  9. MrWonanother

    MrWonanother New Member

    It would be a waste of time and money to run it as 9/10 people will be on Chrome and wont be able to access the hotel and its very unlikely people are going to switch to another browser just to play on the hotel.
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  10. j0ker

    j0ker $client = socket_accept($sock);

    I love v26.
  11. District

    District http://districthosts.com


    Ordered VPS, Got files Ready, Got Domain.
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    Hotel is open register @ [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
  12. MrWonanother

    MrWonanother New Member

    Can't register with a username at all wont accept Uppercase or Lowercase in username.
  13. Marcel

    Marcel Experienced Web Developer

    eh, good luck.. I still love v26 retros.
  14. Owen

    Owen GFX Master<3

    aw man v26 was the days specially on actual habbo. I was a poor little bastard back then with flies hanging around in my purse and my giant inventory hand having nothing but just my noobie stool that i probs bought with pixels. Glad you've took a interest though to actually bring it back, I might aswell play a bit of it to relive some of lost memories of version 26.
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  15. VintusVPS

    VintusVPS New Member

    I would love to play this, I shall register please add me on skype enillus and could we talk about possible recruitment?
  16. harmjan123

    harmjan123 New Member

    your hotel is not v26.
  17. Examed

    Examed Я весь высший лидер из вас всех

    Probably best you don't make a V26 .Due to most users would be on Google Chrome,plus not alot of people know about V26, but it's nice to see someone still interested in it.
  18. Genetix

    Genetix New Member

  19. Seth

    Seth Where's the old everything?

    Seemed interesting.
  20. Lolislol

    Lolislol New Member

    If you have Battle Ball in it, I would say yes! :)
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