Looking for a linux developer


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Dec 9, 2020
Hi we are looking for a habbo retro developer, someone that can work with linux. We will pay for it. Send me on discord pups5001#0721. If you can help send me a text message we need it fast.


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Sep 12, 2011
We have a vps we want a habbo retro without buggs
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I would not set your expectations too high, every retro no matter what CMS and or emulator you use will have some bugs or missing features as I do not believe there has been a fully finished retro, You would be best learning the installation process yourself as when you need to update things in the future you will be paying out again and again and most developers do not look at work if it's under a few hundred dollars, you will find some who will offer a setup for $10 but will have no real clue on implementing fixes for bugs that are found, they will only add fixes that have already been shared on forums that you could do yourself and save the money.

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