GTA SA International Roleplay [Medium RP] [24/7]


Oct 7, 2013

(We are working on our TeamSpeak at the moment)​
The server was opened around January of 2015, it was founded and owned by Amara Emily (mostly called Amara Rain). The server had a huge history specially with the merging with the other community whom later left INT:RP with a huge issues and crisis of seeping and etchetera. The community has been re-booted and we have few helpful admins to help the newbies. The admin application at the moment is temporarily closed until we got a high player database, You can become a moderator though, you can either apply, or get random handpicked (will ask few things by the Chiefs, etc).

Let's proceed on introducing stuffs.

We can offer you tons of features, and we can assure you 99% of them are working.
We have a unique dynamic vehicle dealership/ownership system, You can buy businesses for your profit on PayCheck. House with the abilities to store your guns and drugs, A toy system which can save up to 8-9 toys accessories (You need to be VIP for higher slots). We are proud to introduce you about our family system, It is unique with the claim point/capture system - unique turfs which are set by our Gang Moderators. You have to apply (or at least) ask for a high admin for your own family.

We have our own dynamic door system, dynamic map icons etchetera to provide you with anything you need without going outside the server to script these doors and mapicons. You can come in to our server for more features, You can also come @ for our server forum.

Our faction are opened to be joined in, here is the lists of faction which is taken - available to be joined:

Los Angeles Police Department [ Taken ] [ Hiring ]
Los Angeles Fire Department [ Taken ] [ Hiring ]
CNN News Agency [ Available ] [ Hiring ]
California Highway Patrol [ Taken ] [ Handpicking / Hiring ]
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department [ Taken ] [ Hiring ]
Rapid Recovery [ Available ] [ Hiring ]
United States Government [ Available - Handpicking ] [ Hiring ]

Staff & VIP:
We are working hard to figure our for own upcoming ideas ahead for our community, We are trying our best to help the newbies, You can /am, /newb or /requesthelp for the Moderators / Administrators help.

We are not hiring admins, But we are hiring moderators - You can apply for it or either get noticed by our admin / chief moderators to get handpicked for a random mod interview, or you can invite 3+ of your friends and get a Junior Moderator (NO SPAM BOTS)

Moderation Team Leaders:
Ronald Lacson [Moderation Director]
Ranveer Lacson [Asst. Moderation Director]

Admin Team (Leaders):
Amara Rain [ Server Owner + Scripter + Host ]
Ronald Lacson [ Co-Owner + Scripter ]
James Rain [ Server Owner ]
Daniel Lacson (ShadyX/Shado) [ Co-Owner + Scripter + Website Developer]
Nishu & Ranveer Lacson & James Bass & Andrew Murphy [ Head Admins ]

- Few other staffs which shouldn't be listed here

Do you ever wanted to be a Donor/VIP? You can join in our events which gives you a reward of cashes, variaties of houses and business + VIP!​

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