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How to setup a TCP Proxy for your hotel

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by Hobtel, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. NO4H

    NO4H New Member

    Cloudflare is widely used just because of it being a free http proxy that can actually withstand decent sized attacks. TCP Proxies count as "protection", they hide your servers IP. It's just a matter of getting one that can withstand big attacks too. What else are you suggesting other than protected proxies or "crappy DDOS protection companies"?
  2. Sentinel

    Sentinel h4x0r

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    Proxies doesn't count as protection wtf, as you can find the IP of a domain by pinging it, you can do that to a Proxy to show which IP its directed to. I use KFSensor and Bitninja running on a Linux machine using Nginx, HHVM and a Cloud SQL :)

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  3. NO4H

    NO4H New Member

    Pinging a domain with a HTTP proxy (cloudflare) is just going to show the protected proxy IP, that is my point.
  4. Sentinel

    Sentinel h4x0r

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    People who actually believe even paid CF can withstand a decent attack is stupid, their free edition cant even withstand 10gbps.
    Look up zenmap and nmap for Kali Linux. You can still map the Proxy IP and receive the "hidden" server IP. Same logic as pinging a domain, but I still cannot get why people waste their money on CF.

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  5. Hobtel

    Hobtel New Member

    Marc, are you sure it is possible to map the Proxy IP and receive the hidden IP?
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  6. Promto

    Promto New Member

    I don't believe it is possible. Probably if you are working for FBI but otherwise no.

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