How to add a badge to a bundle, and furni item (For Arcturus)


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Hello everyone, this is a quick simple tutorial that will give you the below results:


Now following prior to this you should know the following two things :
1- How to make a bundle
2- How to add a badge to your catalog

Those are not included in this tutorial, learn those first then come back.

So First we want to add the badges we need, so for what you see above I added two badges to my catalog, one for the rainy day bundle the other for a custom LTD item.

Below I have both badges in my catalog (it shows two of the same but one is the dragon, I did not purge my cloud flare or clear my cache so its showing like this but trust me it works)


So now that you have created the badges and have an item Id number you want to add the item Id to your bundles furni ids for example:
The bundle might have the following furni ids in it:


You want to add the badge id to this with the amount of 1 (as shown in bold)

This is the same process for the LTD item, only difference is you have the LTD furni and the badge:


The bold is the Badge Id

Once you update this, be sure to update your items_base and catalog_items as you would any other time.

Overall, I hope this brief tutorial helps those of you who were trying to figure this out for the longest time like I was. Its quiet simple. Dont come to me for help on how to add the badges and bundles i dont have time to teach that shit. If you cant figure that out on your own you dont deserve this lol.

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