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Retro Have habbo retros died? Old player..

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by Philly, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Andings

    Andings New Member

    As this has been bumped I can reply, not sure about the rules of bumping - I better have a read.

    My opinion on Habbo as a whole, and retros is simple... People have grown out of it. I used to be a big Habbo Fanboy even played retros and owned a few retros myself, now I'm sitting here and wondering "where to from here". Habbo (the real deal) has really turned childish and they've taken away a lot from what the teenagers of the game liked... Either that, or being 22, i've matured and am starting to get a sniff of the real world... meh. LOL
  2. Donkey

    Donkey Professional Moderator Staff Member Contributor

    Indeed this is the way forward as myself and @Markshall have done
  3. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer FindRetros Moderator

    Bitch pls, he released something on R/Z not so long ago.

    Also: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] - maybe they'll join some of our retros.
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  4. Markshall

    Markshall Русский Стандарт Contributor

    Released it here too, noob
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  5. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer FindRetros Moderator

    Well that changes everything! Tard >:}
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  6. MadBadhadLad

    MadBadhadLad New Member

    Sure seens to appear so mate yer!
  7. Zurtali

    Zurtali Member

    i came to devbest due i am not a fan of *****.
  8. Hashh


    Well, I think they are now Habboon's users have dropped. Habboon got 1k like ever hour now it struggles to get 1200 like it did ages ago, But Fresh are still doing fine.
  9. Jaden

    Jaden not so active

    Habbo itself is dying, and for many reasons:

    1. People just don't use their computers like they did back when MySpace was the shit.
    If it's not a basic game on the app store, it's not going to get tens of thousands of fucking users.

    2. It lacks character, it's pretty fucking boring now, don't ya think?

    3. We've grown up. Better things to do then play Habbo all day.

    4. It doesn't advertise as much as it used to.

    5. Habbo is boring

    The retro community is dying as a result of Habbo dying, but this is another reason retros itself are dying.

    1. Everything is free, Hackers, Coders, etc, like a Market in which they can sell their hard work for $$$.

    2. As a result of everything being free, they're a lot more retros, and quadruple the noobs.

    3. As a result of all the retros, everything is the same, might as well stick to 1 retro.
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  10. Hashh


    I agree with you, I think retros are bringing more features out and unqiue features, Habbo is just same old same old :)
  11. AnalGoat11

    AnalGoat11 Queen

    You all need to look at this question from both sides.

    YES -
    Retros are indeed dying, as other people have stated in this thread being number 5 on FindRetros means nothing these days - you get barely 10 users online. Ages and ages ago you'd get like 40-50 online
    NO -
    Retros are not dying, lets be honest.....take a look at Boon and Fresh, they have been up for a long time so they get a-lot of users daily and the count keeps rising and rising. This is because Sulake continue to offer users high prices for the store, they have re-enforced strict rules almost like a virtual prison with virtual, paid staff, they also have removed casinos which I believe to of generated ALOT of users for Habbo. Therefore I do believe, the reason why being number 5 in FindRetros doesnt get you alot of users is because users purely don't care on FindRetros as much as they did - its so obvious. They all know the popular retros, who wants to play a retro with 6-8 users when you can play one with 600 users?!

    I think it is self explanatory on what side I agree with...
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  12. cremaxx

    cremaxx New Member

    Retros are dead now.. 2 Years later
  13. iGlenn

    iGlenn :)

    in my opinion habbo died after the whole merge and retros are not dead, look at boon and foreign hotels
  14. Velaski

    Velaski winner

    just the amount of noobs expecting people to do everything for them, and most devs are reuqesting money nowadays
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