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Retro Have habbo retros died? Old player..

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by Philly, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Meap

    Meap Don't need glasses if you C#

    Not to mention the vote count on the topsites
    Back when Blah was 1st on TheHabbos, you saw it getting a good 10k+ votes a day easily, all top 25 had no less than atleast 500 daily votes, now to get into top 25, you need like 50 daily votes.
    Retros have died an awful lot considering that all top 5 hotels used to have a good 500+ daily, nowadays the only Hotel Ive seen get over 500 is Habboon
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  2. Fetron

    Fetron I like to do giveaways :3

    The most accurate representation for me - Compare a Hydra to a Habbo Retro (in a sense)
    Shut down one, two more appear (usually the case is, 10 more appear :p )
  3. AaidenX

    AaidenX Member

    Agreed @Zeddicus top 10 retros before used to have atleast 75 users on, those days Blah Hotel, Habplus Hotel haha.

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  4. Fetron

    Fetron I like to do giveaways :3

    I've just re-added my voting system and I can say I've hit the top 20 within a day. It is as you say @Zedicus
  5. Zent

    Zent lucidhotel.pw

    No there all good
  6. Chronical

    Chronical New Member

    I wouldn't say they're dying but the people that make them worth playing are beginning to leave.
  7. Die

    Die New Member

    Honestly they have died loads.. When I started playing retros the top 15 had at least 50 and top 25 had at least 15 lol.. Now you don't even have 50 in the top 5.. Obvious decrease. A lot of the people now roleplay or act like idiots and start shit 24/7.. Not worth anytime anymore.
  8. Snappy

    Snappy ^^^^UpHosting^^^^

    If you ask me habbo retros are just like torrent sites once the isp's /sulake shut them down they will re-appear there will be proxy versions etc...
  9. matthewminikin

    matthewminikin New Member

    I agree totally.
  10. ptimmaq2

    ptimmaq2 We all make mistakes

    But emulators take graphics from habbo's servers? if habbo shuts down... how will retros turn out?

    Habbo used to have 20k daily easily too... now max 3.5k users...
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 15, 2014
  11. KeironParkes

    KeironParkes Member

    It's a fluctuating userbase also. One day, there could be 100 people on every hotel on the 2nd page of FR, the next, there could be 2 for the entire day. It definetly isn't dying though.
  12. Joshtinkgamer

    Joshtinkgamer Member

    List for retros: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
  13. Crusteh

    Crusteh Member

    They haven't died even though I find them boring, but there is thousands of other people on different retros playing daily and enjoying it.
  14. Rastaberry

    Rastaberry Rooster 4 president 2k14

    That's not true, Habbo retro's haven't died at all. They've only became bigger and stronger, It's just bad that we're still dealing with skids,.
  15. EngeldesTodes

    EngeldesTodes Deutsch Techno-Freak WIR SIND EIN

    i doubt that for a start i mean you look around the internet few retros appear that still worthy of staying on but as most leave retros to go for other things like i dunno minecraft or new consoles games where they get all the action from i not gone off retros myself still makeing mine as we speak but in a few years time it will defently die
  16. RecklessZodiac

    RecklessZodiac New Member

    I'm also just getting back into them and wondering the same thing
  17. Donnyschr

    Donnyschr Member

    I'm around since '04. Developed alot, helped alot of people. but i'm not helping anymore, because people are just unthankfull hounds. That's what the most developer's think tho, even meth0d.
  18. LoveSonqs

    LoveSonqs New Member

    I think they are dying as well, I agree with Zeddicus.
  19. Sarbaz

    Sarbaz Member

    It's dying. Back in 2008-2011 retros were the best. The former well known topsite known as 'TheHabbos' listed the top 25 Habbo Retro servers on page 1 and the top 10 hotels averaged 50+ - if you were on page 1 you're server would average 20 - 1k. But now take a look at FindRetros.com - Hotels listed at #5 are averaging 10 - 50. :down:

    They are dying.
  20. S1monx

    S1monx New Member

    Not dead, but not as active as before.

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