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[Habbo Theme]Me And Staff Page [Edit]

Discussion in 'CMS Releases' started by Lightzz, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Lightzz


    Hello Devbest, Well today I am releasing two pages which I edited to make a little bit nicer with the content boxes and adding more content :)
    Me Page
    Staff Page
    Page Downloads
    Staff-http://[ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    Me-http://[ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    Don't trust, Don't download
    Credits To Me for the pages (1%)
    Credits To Hejula (I Think) For The Habbo Theme (49%)
    Credits Kryptos For Revcms (50%)
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  2. Clit

    Clit Posting Freak

    Very nice!
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  3. Nike

    Nike #MGK

    What did you do besides add boxes?
  4. DwightJunior

    DwightJunior Please don't judge me!

    Box within a box on staff page? :poop:
  5. Marlboro

    Marlboro New Member

    Can you give out the full theme not only the me.php or staff.php ?.
  6. LeRebel

    LeRebel :)

    I never decided to finish the full theme, I just upgraded the main pages. I am getting a new pc this week and internet next week, So expect a full theme finished possibly!
  7. Marlboro

    Marlboro New Member

    Hopefully, i really like the theme. 9/10
  8. Night

    Night Active Member

    you basically did nothing
    if you are going to write descriptions .. use proper grammar
  9. Find

    Find Posting Freak

    Boxes inside boxes + the description boxes on the staff page don't look terribly neat
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  10. DrPepper

    DrPepper I drink myself on a regular basis get over it

    Only thing on here that I will even use is the box for the radio and even it is just a box added to a very basic page very basic very crappy 0/10 anyone could have done this
  11. LeRebel

    LeRebel :)

    No, Nobody is smart enough now and days. I do my work to help noobs, Not full time nerds. Most of the owners now and days cant add a dman box without messing up the whole layout
  12. ButtLord420

    ButtLord420 Please delete my devbest account.

    I like the me, it looks kinda original but.
    The staff page dosen't look THAT nice.

    Overall: 3/10
  13. Jezus

    Jezus The one and only..

    I'm going to use this for a theme but fix it up a whole heap.
  14. Les

    Les New Member

    no CSS page? epic fail if u ask me :)
  15. LeRebel

    LeRebel :)

    eh I dont do css coding but since I'm getting internet back up and main pc is working again I be right back in. Only this time with some neater releases.
  16. Les

    Les New Member

  17. Find

    Find Posting Freak

    Why would he need to release some the CSS for it? He's just got normal revcms CSS used with it, nothing is changed in it. epic fail if you ask me :)
  18. Hindi

    Hindi System.out.println(" ");

    If you want, i can finish this theme [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] but only if you want? hahaha,
    on topic; i love this concept :)
  19. LeRebel

    LeRebel :)

    No reason to, It started with an idea I had a long time ago but I grew out of it since I couldn't code php for shit and barely html at the time. That's why the failure staff members are in box's because I couldn't figure out how to get them the fuck out. LOL. Anyways I have a better theme coming
  20. Sysode

    Sysode Front-End Developer

    Practice makes perfect, man.

    ontopic; Agreeing with what others are saying.

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