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Habbo setup Service.

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by HelloSkittle, Jul 2, 2011.

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  1. HelloSkittle

    HelloSkittle Member

    Phoenix Setup Services

    Hello,I`m Cameron since i see everyone needing help with client Etc.I`ll help you just as simple as $3usd. :rolleyes:
    What can I offer?

    Full phoenix EMU setup with Phoenix PHP, Phoenix CF or another compatible CMS (your choice) Since it 4 of July weekend 10 percent off, any help, nice huh?
    Plugin support
    5+ Hours support a day
    VPS/Dedicated server setup (highly reccomended)
    Home server setup
    Radio setup
    CMS / Fan page setup

    If you want something else please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Why use our services;

    Reliable services
    Very quick and professional services
    Excellent communication with the customer
    If we don`t fix your problem 5 days money back, Guarantee!

    What must you do?

    You're not needed to do much other than; Give me good communication when needed.

    How much will it cost?[Since it`s 4 of July weekend we will give you $10 Dollar discount, on any help you need.]:cool:

    The cost depends on what is needed, we can discuss the prices Via Msn or any other method of communication you may use.:eek:

    Contact details;
    [email protected]

    Quick Note.

    If You`re not Phoenix License holder,our Serivice will run slow, due because, of us being Phoenix License Holder.[Y]

    If you don`t trust us, it`s fine, but we`re here to help you.
  2. Hotelgreen

    Hotelgreen New Member

    i have an idea 'free'
  3. Muscab

    Muscab Member

    Scam! i do it for free <3
  4. HelloSkittle

    HelloSkittle Member

    LOL!. Nothing is free Muscab ;].
  5. Hotelgreen

    Hotelgreen New Member

    My hair is?
  6. .:Sad:.

    .:Sad:. New Member

    Lol, wut a meanie, you should do things for free, FOR THE PEOPLE!!! :eek: I would never charge someone for help :eek:
  7. Bazinga

    Bazinga Posting Freak

    [mod]This thread is useless and is creating unwanted spam. Thread Closed[/mod]
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