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May 25, 2023

A brand new hotel has opened, a brand new community, a brand new generation.​

Who owns HabBlur?
HabBlur is owned by Lou

HabBlur is a new hotel, which aims to give the best possible experience of a Habbo Retro possible. It is ran by Lou alongside hotel manager John, who each have a lots of experience within the Habbo Community and have a good understanding of what you, the users are looking for in a hotel. We are currently ran on OrionCMS and Illumina UI with an interactive hotel view + games!

Here at HabBlur, everyone plays an important role in our community. Every decision we make is based on what the community wants. Everyone gets a say in what is going on in the hotel. We have amazing staff members who are fully trained, and thoroughly tested, meaning the hotel has professional, active and hard working staff members online at all times to help users like you whenever, wherever While playing the hotel, we want to make sure that you always have something to do, so we have dedicated community staff to ensure we have events running around the clock.

Staff Hiring
Here at HabBlur, we want only the best of the best - thats why we allow everyone to make applications, thoroughly inspect them, and pick only the best available contenders to make sure we get only the professionals.
For more information, please do not post here, but contact one of the Owners.

We hope to see you within the hotel soon! :)


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