GTA V Euphoria City RP | Economy Based | TokoVoip | Criminal Activity | Recruiting EMS, LSSD, & LSFD|


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Apr 4, 2021
Good Morning! we are at our final stages of development and looking to possibly launch by the end of these next couple of days.

We are looking for mature and responsible players with RP experience preferably 18+. Right now there are alot of spots and positions pretty much open depending where your wanting to go. Being that this is a new city, numbers In attendance are low but positions and opportunities are open for the taking, this is the best time to join, NOW!

It is an ESX Economy server, we are currently hiring for active and responsible EMS, LSSD, LSFD, Criminals, Civilians, Mechanics, USMC, and USCG with the possibility to be able to run some of these at your discretion.

• Movie Theaters
• Collecting Scrap Metal
• Chop Shop
• Cellphone use with Twitter
• Gang Territories
• ESX Drugs
• Banks and Store Robberies
• House Break ins
• Sheriff LSSD [Wraith Radar, Custom Liveries, LED Bars none ELS]
• LSPDFR not FivePD
• Gangs
• Gangs come with personal garages, MLOs, Weapon and item storage, Gang Funds Account]
• Private Businesses and Nightclubs
• Apartments for Sale and Rent
• Street Craps/Dice game events
• Illegal cage fights
• Car Dealer
• Illegal Street Racing with bets
• Tokovoip Radio Use
• Casino
• Humane Labs Robbery
• Black Market
•Cayo Perico
• Lawfirm
• County Courtroom
• Drift mode


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