GTA SA [ENG] [0.3z] Los Angeles Roleplay [Heavy RP]


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Apr 7, 2014

Who are we?

Well, we are basically a group of friends who enjoy role playing and the Heavy Roleplay scene.. We've had a bunch of support through the development stage of Los Angeles Roleplay with a total of 122 registered on the forums! Now, we're near the breaking point! We are almost ready to open.

What do we offer, faction-wise?
Well, at the moment we currently offer two factions as well as many player created factions. The two main factions are the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department, and they are both leaded. Both of these factions have their own forums to get the best out of their role play and offer unique features such as arrest reports, situational reports, and more stuff! We try to get the most out of our role play.

What is the status of the server?
We are almost ready to open the server. We have a ton of support from our players and feel that the script is nearly ready including a bunch of cool features such as a /elm command for the LAPD and LAFD. We think that we can be a decent, if not best, server other than LS:RP that is a Heavy Roleplay server.

Teamspeak 3:

SA:MP Server:
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