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[Development, Github] JFuseLicense - A jQuery wrapper for FuseLicense API.

Discussion in 'Development' started by Heaplink, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. Heaplink

    Heaplink Developer & Designer

    Version 1.0.0
    JFuseLicense is a jQuery plugin to add and check licenses with the [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] by Jian Ting. It's easy to set-up and use.
    What is the idea for this?
    This was just an idea I had when exploring FuseLicense. I wanted to use the service with AJAX so it could be faster and easier to use - even client-side. Though it's not intended for production use (unless you know how to use it properly) it's a great way of making your own license generator and checker.
    Use this with cautionSince it's client-side it's not really secure when it comes to adding licenses. The private key is put in the method $.fuselicense.addLicense therefore everyone will be able to see it - which is not the idea for a private key.
    Until FuseLicense get's an better and more secure way to add licenses, it's not secure to use this method, unless you know no one will ever reach the javascript file. It's safe enough to use $.fuselicense.checkLicense since it only requires a generated license key.
    Help to improve the projectJFuseLicense is open-source which means everyone can contribute to the project. You can download, follow and fork the project here:
    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    Here you will also find a documentation of the project, to learn how to use it.​
    The project is licensed under the MIT License. More information in the Readme @ the github repository.
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  2. Jian

    Jian Kawaii!! ^^ Contributor

    Looks good. Nice work.
  3. Heaplink

    Heaplink Developer & Designer

    Thank you, I hope people will be contributing and come with ideas - also for the FuseLicense API!
  4. Jian

    Jian Kawaii!! ^^ Contributor

    I may be contributing when i advance my learning to JSON and jQuery plugins. Hope i can help next time :D
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