Debbo 7.0 By Farris

a working loader?
I finally found the loader for this version .. for those interested please contact me in private


Legacy, it's all anyone leaves behind.
Took a second using a translator to translate this, makes a bit of sense I guess.

Now I can start to introduce the new version of I have 7.0 By Farris Ultra fix.

Many of you were complaining that my old versions gave lots of problems and bugs.
Reviewing my old versions I noticed that gave the crash bug furni, bug rooms etc.

In this version there will be no such problem so you can play safely! as this version will be in mysql because many of you have asked me til:D

Let me start with the go fix

Hotel Alerts: Working
Infobus: Removed (an update will be inserted in the database)
Rank: New Rank
Public rooms: removed (an update will be inserted in the database)
Teleporter: filed (in 6.0 I removed for problems)
Exchange: Filed

Here are the new new in I have 7.0 By Farris

[NEW] New catalog graphics
[NEW] Loading catalog max 10 seconds
[NEW] Working groups
[NEW] The Trax will not give more crashes (need dcr with trax fix)
[NEW] Only staff can enter their rooms in the categories! (I did for your privacy)
[NEW] New system block furni (when a purchase is blocked and not implemented were to avoid bugs in the hand)

and many other novelties to discover

Screenshots Debbo 7.0 By Farris

New Groups

New Catalog


Trax Machine Fixed, preventing crashing

Call for help

Navigation fix

My Favorites

No bugs in large rooms placing furni

The guides are all in the download

Download: [ To view this link you must register here. ]

Virus Scan: [ To view this link you must register here. ]


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