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Good job man, that's a good trade IMO.

Though personally, if you can - buy back in. I see this coin moving, well it depends on how they tackle things with the 80% pre-mine situation, but after the hardfork we may see a boost. Plenty of time to go, but a lot of people are forecasting $0.03 by February. Tiny, but large if you have a ton.

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I plan on holding, regardless I don't think I'll lose too much. But right now, I'm very much in profit since mining this coin.
Bytecoin isn't 8 years old yet :p Good on you though! I have been mining Bytecoin since 2015 and have invested a bit of money in to it. I have around 150,000 I can't wait for it to hit $1, even more! A couple of weeks ago Bytecoin hit 0.240 then it dropped back down around 0.0180 - 0.0130, but since the China crackdown, shes goin down quite fast.

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