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[BrainCMS] Bug report [/BrainCMS]

Discussion in 'Habbo Help & Support' started by BrainCMS, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Zaka

    Zaka Programmer

    You can't, thats why you should prepare it instead of just inserting it.
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  2. sensaze

    sensaze Member

    Being honest I don't know what peoples problems are I converted from PlusEMU/Habboon edit, straight to this and it works fine.
    I've converted all the admin CP to English and am using it a the moment, check out [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] for a working example.
  3. Zaka

    Zaka Programmer

    This is on a development level that I'm talking about
  4. sensaze

    sensaze Member

    Two things.
    What part of the code do these parts show under? I've converted 99% of the admin panel to english a part from these drop down menus:

    Also on the CMS home page for most credits, duckies, etc, it shows staff members, is there anyway to get it to not display users if rank is above say 3?
  5. Dan3212

    Dan3212 New Member

    Can you do something for me:

    1. Press F12 or load developer console
    2. Load client
    3. Paste errors (if any) in here and we'll have a look then.

    But are you using a VPS? Might be a firewall problem, if so turn your firewalls off.

    Are you using a proxy? Your ports may not be open.
  6. BrainCMS

    BrainCMS Brain is live, Live is Brain

    Tnx i fix it in the new update :)
  7. HolaBox

    HolaBox New Member

    This can be found under: system/app/classes > files (i.e class.admin.php ect) I changed all mine to read from system/languages/en.php.

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