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XBOX Assassins Creed: Origins

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by broges, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Ecko

    Ecko 23:37 [autobots] -!- eckostylez [[email protected]]

    I guess that makes sense but then it's like why do I have an XB1 in the first place :p
  2. Wassim

    Wassim ♕ The Awesomeness Within...

    looks real amazing.
  3. Westyy

    Westyy Festive Donator Staff Member

    @Ecko How you finding it?
  4. Antisj

    Antisj Member

    Worth the money? If so i might buy it on steam.
  5. Ecko

    Ecko 23:37 [autobots] -!- eckostylez [[email protected]]

    Just came in last night, haven't even opened it yet lol
    LUL likes this.
  6. Paypal

    Paypal Freelance developer

    In my opinion, its an improvement from the last two games
  7. EngeldesTodes

    EngeldesTodes Deutsch Techno-Freak WIR SIND EIN

    it the bestgame they ever made and the fact with monster energy drinks with codes u can improve your player overall i prefer this than the black flag
  8. LUL

    LUL My facial hair alone impregnates women.

    Personally loved the combat in black flag in comparison to origins, not quite used to the fighting style in this one yet; I suppose it’s because I don’t have many abilities yet but otherwise overall the game is great. The health deterioration seems a bit dodgy though imo!

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