1. Michell

    Recruiting Habbo Developer

    [Recruitment] Developer C# Hi! For my upcoming project, I need someone who is able to work with C# and to do the following things: Be advised: the developer will be paid - amount will be decided with the applicant, paying will be on front. Be able to code simple RP parts in a fresh PlusEMU...
  2. Medici

    Recruiting GFX/Pixel Artist (Paid)

    Hello Devbest: I am now in search of a skilled GFX and/or Pixel Artist. Looking to hire individuals that can effectively execute both or at least one of the two. Jobs will include creation of custom logos, banners, icons, badges, furniture, clothing, etc. The artist(s) will be paid per...
  3. Millzeeg

    Recruiting Lead Developer Vacancy

    Delete this thread.
  4. J

    Recruiting REVCMS Development

    H Devbest, I am looking for someone who is able & has the knowledge to code a custom REVCMS theme for a new hotel from a PSD. The hotel is using PLUS EMU. This job is open to offers (Paid Work) if you're interested in doing this work then feel free to get in touch. Jordan
  5. U

    Who can edit my SWF (PAY)

    Hey there, I am searching for someone who can edit my habbo.swf a little bit. It is not much of work! (max. 1 Hour for someone who know how to edit swfs) I will pay : $20 for the normal work / $30 for the normal + extra work Interested ? Please write me a PM !
  6. Ajax

    Cooldown bug (Habbo Roleplay Shoot Command)

    Delete System32
  7. Bezza

    Recruiting PAID Hotel Developer

    Hi I'm looking for a Developer for my Hotel. The hotel is up and running, it has a few bugs as a new Hotel would. I'm willing to pay someone to Develop my Hotel and help fix bugs and patch exploits etc. If interested add me on Skype SamxBezza and I will explain in more depth. Thanks.
  8. Xylo

    Recruiting Developer (Closed)

  9. Obbler

    Recruiting Galaxy Hotel - Recruiting Developers/Managers/Moderators (Semi-Paid)

    Hi everyone! I'm pleased to announce that I'm now looking for new staff within Galaxy Hotel. You haven't heard of us, because we're still undergoing development. But let me give you a run down of what we plan to do and what we want from you. I'll be brief as this isn't an advertising thread...
  10. P


    Hey DevBest:) I'm looking for 2-3 people to help build RP rooms such as Paintball area,Boxing Area,Drug Dealing Room and Licence Area REPLY TO THIS OR ADD ME ON SKYPE ROCKERTHOMAS567...