Vendetta Dayz! 5 Servers 4 Maps!


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Dec 10, 2023
  • Welcome to Vendetta Dayz!
  • 5 Servers 4 Different Maps
  • PvP Playground:
  • 3 servers with Safezone, Drug Trader, and Black Market.
  • Helicopters, airdrops, events, King of the Hill, and elusive Keycards.
  • Hardcore Challenges:
  • 2 intense servers, airdrops once every restart. Are you up for it?
  • Economy of Mayhem:
  • Bitcoins, collectibles, start cash. Navigate the post-apocalyptic marketplace.
  • Elite Gear Awaits:
  • Brave the toxic zone for the best gear. Your journey, your reward.
  • Rev Up Your Arsenal:
  • Vehicles, enhanced weapons, and armor. Raiding with C4 and base building plus for creative base building.
  • Sanctuary in Chaos:
  • Bunkers, custom-built areas, mysterious islands—your haven, your rules.
  • Winter Is Coming:
  • Adapt to the harsh winter season. Survival takes on a new meaning.
  • Underground Secrets:
  • Build your underground base. Hardcore servers for the purest challenge.
  • Ready to join the apocalypse? Our Discord awaits for giveaways, rules, and camaraderie. Currently we are giving away Dayz itself. ends soon so make sure you join the giveaway if you dont own the game or you want the perfect christmas gift possible for your friend out there!
  • How to Join:
  • Launch Dayz or DZSA Launcher.
  • Search "Vendetta"
  • Choose a server. Survive, thrive, conquer.
  • - Freshly Wiped servers -
  • Vendetta Main PvP Winter Chernarus 8group limit
  • >
  • Vendetta #1 PvP Nyheim 8group limit
  • >
  • Vendetta #2 PvP Namalsk 8group limit
  • >
  • Vendetta #3 Hardcore Winter Chernarus 6group limit
  • >
  • Vendetta #4 Hardcore Winter Deer isle 6group limit
  • >*`

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