US Retardified 2X - Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad - No BP Wipe - Active Admins - Events - Kits - Fast Hardware!


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Jun 4, 2024
US Retardified 2X - Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad - No BP Wipe - Kits - Fast Hardware!

Welcome to a weekly US server crafted for the true Rust warriors, right from the heart of Jersey.

Server Features:

QoL Mods: PowerGrid, Armored Train, Convoy, Caravan, Gas/Supermarket Events, Major Monuments Events

Map Voting: Have your say on the next map!

Active Mod Additions: We add mods based on community interest.

Adding a unique Retardified City run by players. Built by players.

Server Rules:

No Cheating - Play fair or do not play at all.

Respect All Players - Trash talk is part of the game, keep it clean.

No Griefing - Raiding is fine, excessive harassment is not.

Have Fun - Remember, it is all a game!

Experience Rust like never before, Jersey style.

Questions or suggestions? Visit our site at

Server restarts and wipes weekly to keep the gameplay engaging.

Ready to build, raid, and survive? Join us and see you in the wasteland!



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Feb 21, 2011
What makes you r server stand out mfrom other modded servers on Rust cause i see it the same as others

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