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[UPDATED] r63 Complete SWF Pack: RELEASE63-35255-34886-201108111108

Discussion in 'Habbo Releases' started by DoctorCooper, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. rfadde99

    rfadde99 Member

    Dont work... for me anyway
  2. Leandro21

    Leandro21 New Member

    there no variables here
  3. MeKiller30

    MeKiller30 Member

    This Good For RevCMS?
  4. abrooksie518

    abrooksie518 New Member

  5. Wouto

    Wouto Posting Freak FindRetros Moderator

    Yes you can use it for revcms.
  6. Causem

    Causem Member

    lool nice, I'm using this for one of my retros, nice job :rasta:

    The download is really long tho, but I thank you. :)
  7. JusticeNetwork

    JusticeNetwork New Member

    How to I make it load it just stays at the Hotel View
  8. Legion

    Legion Vape Lord Staff Member

    Try turning your emulator on. if that isn't the problem, try making sure your ports are correct
  9. JusticeNetwork

    JusticeNetwork New Member

    The EMU is on and I am currently loading it in loaclhost/
  10. JusticeNetwork

    JusticeNetwork New Member

    And all ports are 30000 and mus ports are 30001
  11. Causem

    Causem Member

    not needed to write another post, but to edit the other :)
  12. LoW

    LoW Graphic Artist

    Great Release!
    Thank you so much!
  13. omgitsrage

    omgitsrage New Member

    Love it, but needs the new effects
  14. Brought

    Brought 更加努力

    Off topic:
    By reading most of these replies... I'm pretty sure I lost brain cells. Get off the computer kiddies and get back into school.
    On topic:
    I am currently using these SWFS on my hotel. They do indeed work 100%, if anyone has a problem coming to realize that use my hotel as a demo?
  15. Michell123

    Michell123 Member

    Alright. The swf are old?
    But, nice release.

    1+ thanks for topic starter.
  16. GDArifGD

    GDArifGD New Member

  17. jacworldwide

    jacworldwide New Member

    Are these complete with all of the rares and staff stuff?
  18. Mega

    Mega Posting Freak

    Great released!
  19. geneocide

    geneocide Ģǝҭ ЯҘҚҬ ┌∩┐(◣◢)┌∩┐

    bump, good job man needed them

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