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Unknown Colum In Seckey [FIX]

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by Techie, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Techie

    Techie Member

    Heey A Slightly Small Tutorial On How To Fix Coli Seckey
    ALTER table users ADD column seckey VARCHAR(999);
  2. SkeetEmUp

    SkeetEmUp Member

    Or ya know they could read the docs that came with RevCMS...
  3. Techie

    Techie Member

    True But This Is For The Noobs Who Cant And Itll Make It Easyer For Atleast Some1
  4. Find

    Find Posting Freak

    thnx 4 this rly helpful tbh :up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up::up:
  5. Techie

    Techie Member

    No problem Find :)

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