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[Release] UberCMS Edit , Nyan Edition

Discussion in 'CMS Releases' started by Ryabs, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. Aaron11

    Aaron11 Member

    Unknown column 'seckey' in 'field list'

    When I Register I get that error..^^
  2. Twisting

    Twisting HFFM

    ALTER TABLE `users` ADD `seckey` VARCHAR( 999 ) NOT NULL
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  3. rockyz

    rockyz New Member

    Ok, I had this problem lots of times it very simple to fix all you need to do is goto your phpmyadmin database
    and goto Structures and then go right to the bottom and your see 1 column change it to 0 then hit GO
    then change value to VARCHAR and put in name as seckey then change the id to nothing by just deleteing it leave it blank and hit GO
    then your done refresh your database and your webbrowser and XAMMP or IIS
  4. brsy

    brsy nah mang

    Don't even like it. TBH, there are enough CMS edits now,.... Be inspired to create something with a whole new design/concept for once.
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  5. Ryabs

    Ryabs Christmas Donator

    Thanks for the feedback chris! x
  6. rockyz

    rockyz New Member

    I still have error :( look on page 4 of this thread for what my error is and please help me :'(
  7. Deviant

    Deviant Member

    use a diff db
  8. jessy

    jessy New Member

    Has exploit's in the CMS i wouldn't trust it Personally

    already found one after looking at the CMS for 30 seconds.


    $id = $bits[0];

    Should be Filterd

    $id = mysql_real_escape_string($bits[0]);
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  9. Puppet123

    Puppet123 New Member

    it says Could not open socket
  10. Deviant

    Deviant Member

    Half of the pages are missing?
  11. SwiftNextHype

    SwiftNextHype Member

    for some reason all my text goes to one side how the hell do i put it to normal
  12. Vair

    Vair Member

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in C:\xampp\htdocs\inc\inc.miniconfig.php on line 9

    Any Help?
  13. JizzyCat ;3

    JizzyCat ;3 Member

    Ill fix later :)
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  14. Vair

    Vair Member

    Nice edit though really need a bit of help :p
  15. Vair

    Vair Member

    Wanna help meh now? Lul I Used this edit before but this never happend :L I moved to RevCMS But I wanna come back to this :p I love the edit hehe

    Its only working ubercms edit i could find :p
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  16. Vair

    Vair Member

    Fuck dis redownloading dis shit :D
  17. JizzyCat ;3

    JizzyCat ;3 Member

    Cant do it now , asim eating a doner kebab
  18. Vair

    Vair Member

    Lul hope you enjoy your kebab but I worked it out :) ty though
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  19. doomsday

    doomsday Member

    Thank You , I Love you Man Physically I've been looking for Working UberCms , Plain and Simple ones and this is perfect everything works. I love you man and Keep up the fucking good work your doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  20. Vair

    Vair Member

    Lol everyone loves this only working ubercms just edit it LOL
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