[REL] HabboRegistration.swf working with Javascript


Mar 4, 2021


I wanted to use HabboRegistration.swf with my React frontend.
The problem is that it was created to work with Server side rendered websites.

So, i edited the SWF, to add 2 variables and manage to keep the previous behavior.

"continue_function" variable :
Takes as value the name of a javascript function, located in the same page as the SWF runs.
The SWF will call this function, when the user clicks on "Continue", with 2 arguments (gender and figure).
You can, after that, use thoses values to do what you want.

"button_always_active" variable :
Takes "true" or "false" as value.
By default, when we click on "Continue", the button will be disabled.
So this variable is used to keep the "Continue" button enabled even after clicking on it.

Even with the changes that i made, we can still use this SWF in the "old" way.

I also wanted to be able to use Habbo Club clothes with this SWF.
So i created a "figure_data_club.xml" that has normal and Habbo Club clothes.
With this, you can change the figure_data file, if the member is HC subscribed.

In the ZIP file, you will find some explanation and examples on how to use the "original" and the "new" HabboRegistration.swf.
You will also find explanations on how to use accents in the translation XML file.


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