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[REL/DEV]HabblokCMS v2.0.1 [reREL][English]

Discussion in 'CMS Releases' started by AlexFallen, May 27, 2012.

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  1. AlexFallen

    AlexFallen Developer

    HabblokCMS v2.0.1 - English Translation
    Original Code and DB By: Habbso (*****)
    Translation Code and DB By: TheFallen123 (Devbest)/CrazyDude (*****)
    Originally HabblokCMS v2.0
    HabblokCMS, is a Dutch and Norwegian based CMS. It was originally coded in Dutch and German. Habbso, the creator, had released this on *****, but there was no English Translation, and the English Language change had shown to be buggy. So I, TheFallen123 or CrazyDude, have set out to bring the world the English Version of HabblokCMS, and bringing an edited version as well.

    The CMS and DB code has been checked multiple times for malicious code. As far as the original CMS goes, there were no CMS or DB malicious codes. My edit and translation has been checked and there are no problems. However, if you do seem to find malicious code, or any bugs, please do post on this thread, as I will go in and update the code.

    HabblokCMS v2.0 Features:
    • New Index - 100%
    • Quick Register - 75% (Code Problems)
    • New Me Page - 100%
    • Housekeeping - 100%
    • News and Hot Campaigns - 90% (You Must Paste The Link of The Image)
    • Habbo Homes - 100%
    HabblokCMS v.2.0.1 Features:
    • New Index - 100% (Tags Deleted, Translated)
    • Quick Register - 100% (All Bugs Gone, Exploited to Habbo.com For The Time Being, Translated)
    • New Me Page - 100% (Footer Updated, Translated)
    • Housekeeping - 50% (Footer Updated, Being Translated)
    • News and Hot Campaigns - 99% (Some Tweaks Needed In Translation)
    • Habbo Homes - 0% (Next Project In Translation)
    Comes with it's own DB and may be able to run on ButteryFly EMU, not sure. Maybe Phoenix EMU.

    1. Drop All Into Home Directory
    2. Go To data_classes
    3. Click on server-data.php_data_classes-config.php.php
    4. Edit That To Your Stuff
    5. Click on server-data.php_data_classes-core.php.php
    6. Edit That To Your Stuff
    7. Go To PHPMyAdmin
    8. Make a New Database (ex. HabDB)
    9. Import The Database
    10. BTW! You Must Use XAMPP 1.7.3. Will Not Work On New Versions or IIS. You Can Try and Get It To Work!
    You Are Ready!

    • HabblokCMS v2.0.1 r63 and NEW Habbo.SWF Tested - (5/30/2012)
    • HabblokCMS v2.0.1 r63 and NEW Habbo.SWF Test Was Successful - (5/30/2012)
    HabblokCMS v2.0 Download:
    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    HabblokCMS v2.0.1 r63 and NEW Habbo.swf Download:
    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    Don't Trust It? Don't Download!

    Final Sayings:
    Alright. So I have updated the links for the original CMS and DB. You can check it out for now, until I get my Translated one finished!

    Habbso - 75% (For Original Codes and Stuff)
    Me - 25% (For All The Revisions)

  2. Kaz

    Kaz BooYah Staff Member

    Download link? screenies?
    Adidas likes this.
  3. Adidas

    Adidas Retro Developer

    What exactly you mean (yourporn)? Lol
    Anyways good release :up: add screenies..
  4. Twan

    Twan Member

    Downloadlink please.
  5. Adidas

    Adidas Retro Developer

    Its in development..
  6. Twan

    Twan Member

    Why it is in ''releases'' then, it should be in ''development'' ;l
  7. Plopo

    Plopo New Member

    Is the version 2.0 translated?
  8. VoidHotel

    VoidHotel Member

    looks good i will uses soon
  9. Beer

    Beer Fuck you!

    Dabble? I think you meant 'double'.
  10. AlexFallen

    AlexFallen Developer

    Sorry. I Didn't have time to upload download link when I made the thread. But it is up now. Screenies, well, I will have those in some time. Please be patient :D
    LOL youporn is RAGE.ZON.E and Thanks and Like I Said To Kaz, Be Patient :D
    Oh Well. It's a REL and DEV.
    No! Version 2.0 is not mine. It is by the original creator. I put it up there incase anybody wanted to test it out!

    Sorry there have been no updates. I've been busy with the last 2 days of school. Now that school is over, this release will be out by next week or so!
  11. Twan

    Twan Member

    Only the swf's not the HabblokCMS v2.0.1
  12. AlexFallen

    AlexFallen Developer

    What you mean?
  13. Twan

    Twan Member

    I mean you only released swf pack but not the CMS 2.0.1
  14. AlexFallen

    AlexFallen Developer

    Oh Yeah. B/C I don't have CMS 2.0.1 translated yet!
  15. Twan

    Twan Member

    There isnt a downloadlink for 2.0.1 so how do you wanna translate it qq?
  16. AlexFallen

    AlexFallen Developer

    2.0.1 is the translation of 2.0 -.-
  17. Twan

    Twan Member

    Yeah, but you say the quikregister is fixed in 2.0.1?
  18. AlexFallen

    AlexFallen Developer

    Yes. I fixed some of the coding that was wrong.

    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    Could you delete this thread, or close it?
  19. Kaz

    Kaz BooYah Staff Member

    Thread closed upon request
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