[Plutonium T6/T5/T4/IW5] Call Of Duty Server Development


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May 30, 2017
What's Plutonium?.
Plutonium is a client that offers these games currently.
  1. IW5 (Modern Warfare 3).
  2. T6 (Black Ops 2 Zombies & Multiplayer).
  3. T5 (Black Ops 1 Zombies & Multiplayer).
  4. T4 (World At War Zombies, Multiplayer & Co-Op).
What does Plutonium offer in terms of servers and game play?.
You can play on any machine Windows 8 + or on a Linux machine but you CANNOT play on a virtual machine, You can host a server on any windows machine windows 8 + or on a linux machine (Something like ).

Before you didn't need to own a copy of these games but you need to own a copy of them on steam now to play the game on plutonium as well as to get a server key to host a server.

Way better security, Need i say more?. Just play normal COD then play it using Plutonium COD you'll see the difference straight away.

Even though it's just a passion project updates get pushed out quicker than you'd think!

You also have color codes you can use, Here they are:
  1. ^0 -> Black
  2. ^1 -> Red
  3. ^2 -> Green
  4. ^3 -> Yellow
  5. ^4 -> Blue
  6. ^5 -> Cyan
  7. ^6 -> Pink
  8. ^7 -> White
You can mod any server with the programming language GSC (Game Script Code), Which in theory is a huge headache but once you get the hang of it It's no problem at all. With Plutonium T6 Utils plugin you can script your servers with even more ways. Here's an example below!

crackVault(player, args)
    self endon("disconnect"); // Ends thread for player on player disconnect
    level endon("end_game"); // Ends thread for level on end game (everyone in the game died)
    path2 = "vault/" + args[1] + ".txt"; // variable containing path to the vault folder
    if (!fileExists(path2)) // Checks if file exists in the folder
        player tell("No vault's were cracked with the code, " + args[1] + "!"); // Tells the player who executed the command
        self.pers["vaultAmount"] = int(readFile(path2)); // Read value from the file
        if(int(self.pers["vaultAmount"]) == 0) // Checks i file has been set to 0 therefore has been cracked
            player tell("Sorry, this vault seems to have already been cracked!"); // Tells the player who executed the command
            player.score += int(self.pers["vaultAmount"]); // Adds the file value to the player score
            player tell("Congratulations!!!, U cracked vault, " + args[1] + " and won ^2$^7" + int(self.pers["vaultAmount"])); // Tells the player who executed the command
            file2 = fopen(path2, "w"); // Opens a file of given name with given mode, returns a file stream
            fremove(file2); // Deletes a file - Removes whatever value is inside the file
            fclose(file2); // Closes the file stream

Here's a link to my asset repository for the full code of the crackVault function on my GitHub:

Some useful links for scripting:

Here are some limitations that i know of:
  1. Max child vars that you can use is 30k.
  2. Max parent vars that you can use while threading 25k.
Some useful links for plutonium:
Links for stuff like downloading Plutonium introduction, Modding, Creating custom textures, Compilers, Server keys & more.
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