PC US ITW-The Banov Files(Roleplay & Roaming AI)


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Apr 8, 2023
Welcome to Banov, your travel guide is here. Come enjoy the scenery. It's to die for. (Get it)
The world ended, your mission here is to survive the outbreak, aliens, and unknown mysteries.
Meet other survivors who can either be a friend or enemy. The story is written by you.
You can either choose to join a group and make the most of the world. Or travel alone and survive.
Some can do it alone. But, some can't. Who are you? Who will you be? What mistakes will you make.
Because believe me you will. No one is perfect. And if you claim you are. Good luck.
You aren't alone here, everything wants to kill you. There might be some hope tho.
WIll you find it & keep it? Only time will tell. Your humanity will be in question.
Will you keep it or lose it. Search ITW The Banov Files in the Dayz Launcher to join the fun!!
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