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Hey every one, today while I was working in my hotel I had an idea, why not create an in game banner for my room! Below you will see an image of what I meen. This was just my first shot at it, and I kinda rushed just to see what would happen. The furni has no icon and a shadow that doesnt quiet work to well. On my next go ill fix this and make it into a wall item. Below is an image for you to see:

If your interested in me making one for your hotel I can do it, if you have plus I can do the swf/icon and sqls anything other than plus I can provide the swf and icon but not the sqls because I only do plus.

Also, before any one says it, I do know there is a room_add furni you can use and just upload an image, yes you can do that but the issue with that is the out lining boarder and to get it to match on the wall.. better off just making it into a furni at that point.


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I think he wants it so any user can have it.

When you're resizing it vertical use 25.8 or 27. ;)
Yea, you have the right idea. I want it so any user can have it and as I mentioned before, the room_ad furni has a boarder and you need to do a lot of resizing and if some one in the hotel wants to use it, you would have the room_ads all over. I mean realistically yes the room_ad idea is nice, but for the sake of a furni this works.