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How to get a proxy for $0.01

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by Core, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Core

    Core Member

    Yours is a lot nicer in terms of design, mine is horrible and rushed xD.
    My original focus was get it working before playing around with skins.
    Does have a templating solution behind it so might make a new theme but right now I cba.

    Too busy with other things to focus on this but something I deffo want to do in the future.
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  2. Nicostrato

    Nicostrato New Member

    Can i have 1 account pleas?
  3. sensaze

    sensaze Member

    This is incorrect.. I use kali linux, all it is is a distro.. it's the tools preinstalled such as a metasploit that make it a distro pentesters use.
    If you sent a ping request to a website properly configured to use cloudflare and a TCP proxy, you would not be able to resolve the origin server of the site you're scanning, meaning no real tests can be ran through kali linux at all.

    @Core @Iiam can I get a proxy setup?
  4. uziboozy

    uziboozy github.com/marcus-sa

    Must've been stoned as fuck, because I meant it was possible to resolve a proxy. How do you think CIA does it? I agree, I was wrong, but its not impossible to resolve proxy servers, and especially not with some researching and the right tools.

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  5. sensaze

    sensaze Member

    You're correct, it isn't impossible.

    Is it plausible someone trying to exploit a habbo retro knows how to reverse a proxy? not really.
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