[Help] [Azure Emulator - R63B] - Client Issue ?


Cortex Hosts - Founder
May 13, 2015
Hello Devbest Team,

I am having an Issue with my Client for my R63B Hotel, my Emulator (Azure Emulator V1.0.0190) loads and works fine, my database is hooked up correctly. Anyway the Client loads fine, it loads to hotelview then i get DC/ Booted off the Client, now my hotel is R63B, so im thinking it could Either be the client.php itself, the SWFS or External_variables. Anyway may someone please take a look at it and fix it for me, so i can play my retro please ?

If you can fix it, please contact me via PM, this Thread or Skype me (Skype ID: hughau.backup). You can also try my hotel yourself and see the error First Hand (Hotel URL: ).

Thank You,

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