Havana 39 connection issues


May 26, 2010
Hello all, hopefully someone can think of something because this is driving me crazy.

Now, I installed Havana 39 ( ) it got it running perfectly fine on my computer. My buddy had installed Havana v31 on his vps and had everything working fine, even minerva, I went to install Havana 39 on the vps and managed to get things working after awhile. The only problem I'm having now is connecting to the flash hotel. I can connect to the shockwave hotel fine on my computer, but i can't enter the flash hotel on it. Also minerva isn't working anymore. But, when I get on the vps, minerva works fine and the flash hotel works fine. I've checked the variables and settings multiple times and everything is in order. Anyone got any ideas?

EDIT: I managed to get minerva working again, just having problems with the flash client now. I added an image. Left is my computer and right is the vps. I just stay sitting at the hotel view on my computer but I'm able to get into the hotel on my vps.


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