habboair patched


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Dec 16, 2011

patched or whatever

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dump the common_config file and change to whatever

exp: 3
mod: 86851dd364d5c5cece3c883171cc6ddc5760779b992482bd1e20dd296888df91b33b936a7b93f06d29e8870f703a216257dec7c81de0058fea4cc5116f75e6efc4e9113513e45357dc3fd43d4efab5963ef178b78bd61e81a14c603b24c8bcce0a12230b320045498edc29282ff0603bc7b7dae8fc1b05b52b2f301a9dc783b7
privexp: 59ae13e243392e89ded305764bdd9e92e4eafa67bb6dac7e1415e8c645b0950bccd26246fd0d4af37145af5fa026c0ec3a94853013eaae5ff1888360f4f9449ee023762ec195dff3f30ca0b08b8c947e3859877b5d7dced5c8715c58b53740b84e11fbc71349a27c31745fcefeeea57cff291099205e230e0c7c27e8e1c0512b


Aug 14, 2011
This is definitely going to help a lot of people, including me. Thanks, best release in a while! :D

Best way to get up and running with it:

Step 1.
Download Habbo's Launcher

Step 2.
(You may have to launch habbo once using the classic client for these to be generated)
Go to AppData/Roaming/Habbo Launcher/downloads/air

Step 3.
Copy the recent version, for me it was 161 when I did it so I copied the folder, name it anything.
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Step 4.
Put your new patched HabboAir.swf in the folder you just copied
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Step 5.
Make a shortcut for the Habbo.exe that is in the same folder on your desktop and change the target to something like this;
"C:\Users\josh\AppData\Roaming\Habbo Launcher\downloads\air\161 - Copy\Habbo.exe" -server local -ticket "AUTH_TICKET/SSO_Ticket"

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Step 6.
Volia. You have HabboAir running
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