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GTA V [GTA V] Multiplayer Gamertags

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto' started by Kaz, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Relivid

    Relivid Jamie - Relivid

    PSN: UTD_ReAvIe
  2. Zoowned

    Zoowned Member

    XBL: W0und3dwalrus
  3. Skate

    Skate Member

    XBL: sashaJwZ
  4. JonnyBoy

    JonnyBoy New Member

    PSN: Qare_MenY
  5. Swift

    Swift Member

    PSN: Crebby (ironic, I know)
    XBL: LoneDiagram14
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2014
  6. Zymf


    PSN: Z-ymf

    Only ordered my PS3 today but made my account ready via online registration.
  7. Kyle

    Kyle Member

  8. EngeldesTodes

    EngeldesTodes Deutsch Techno-Freak WIR SIND EIN

    XBL TalipedAOD1992
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2014
  9. pawciostxxx

    pawciostxxx New Member

    This is a great game
  10. Natalieee

    Natalieee New Member

    PSN: XNMoore24
  11. Ari

    Ari Member

    PC: xSweg-Jamie
  12. Crimzr

    Crimzr Do somethin' for a boss

    XBL: Crimzr
    I also own it for both 360 and the One.
  13. ShabaHotel

    ShabaHotel New Member

    Psn: RoninOnCEX
  14. ZoeyTheBabe

    ZoeyTheBabe New Member

    XBL: Queen HyPeZ
  15. Lotus

    Lotus Legacy, it's all anyone leaves behind.

    PSN: zTrillzSec I'm a modder I sell bods so ya.
  16. Donkey

    Donkey Professional Moderator Staff Member Contributor

    XBL: ActualJamie
  17. Lame

    Lame King of the Misfits

    PC: KeironVarius
  18. Lotus

    Lotus Legacy, it's all anyone leaves behind.

    PS3: zNo_Solution PM Me before adding.
  19. NovaHotel

    NovaHotel New Member

    I have PS4 - PSN: Camtheman69
  20. pimp

    pimp no1 retard

    PSN: absnga

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