Arcturus MS MentionPlugin, PrizePlugin and SpecialLooks


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Feb 6, 2019
Hey everyone,

I posted 2 plugins on github some time ago in case you haven't seen them, the mentionplugin and the prizeplugin, the mention as the name says is used to mention users or groups of users, and the prize is used to give prizes to users when they win events, with a standard prize and it is also possible to choose a prize for each level.
both have discord integration so you know when they were run or by whom, using webhooks.
To install is basically to put the plugin and run the sqls of the prize plugin.

  • Mention with @username at the beginning of the message
  • Mention in anywhere in the message
  • Mention all friends with @friends
  • Mention everyone with @everyone
  • Mention whole room with @room
  • BlockMention Command
  • Set Mention Timeout
  • Choose between BubbleAlert or whisper
  • Database logging
  • Discord logging
- With this mention plugin, you can mention anyone without putting the @ at the beginning of the message, the @ can be anywhere.

  • update prize list with :update_prize
  • Prize per level (credits, diamonds, duckets, points, badge, furni...)
  • Kick user
  • User won event BubbleAlert
  • Discord logging


Source code and tutorials:

I made a new plugin to give effects when you wear a specific set or piece of clothing
if you have questions or suggestions for these plugins or want me to publish some new plugin, contact me on discord: BrenoEpic#9671
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Nov 22, 2021
^ The plugins are great, no issues. At first when I tested the "prize" command, I was confused on why the winner got kicked from the room (I sped read the instructions KEKW) but found the setting in the db (in case anyone else was wondering).
And nice on the new plugin, looks like it'll come in use.

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